About Us


Three ambitious homeschooling moms that care very much about what we put into our bodies and the implications for our children and our planet.



Our CEO, Wardah, introduced us to her local East African shea butter. It was unlike any skin product we had ever seen, and we witnessed its ability to heal and nourish our family’s skin firsthand. Soon we were on a mission to bring East African Nilotica Shea butter not only to the community but the rest of the United States. And while we are at it, why not share more of the beauty and charm of African goods, with the rest of the world. Hence, GoodsAfrica was born.



We value every step of the process. We choose high quality materials and at all levels strive to maintain our vision of being ecologically friendly, fair-trade and sustainable. Our aim is to give each customer a product that is good for you, and good for the environment. Our Nilotica Shea butter is organically sourced from East Africa. Our jars are made of tin (not aluminum, which is a known toxin). All to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product with the least environmental impact possible.