Benefits of Nilotica Shea Butter

Africa Nilotica Shea Butter Skin Care

Nilotica Shea Butter is a unique luxuriant experience, and is unlike any shea butter you have ever tried. 

The mountains of Uganda are the source of the Nile river. The wild shea-karite (Nilotica Vitellaria) trees grow only along this nutrient-rich river, known historically and in modern times for its yearly mineral-rich floods that give life to the surrounding plants and animals. The shea trees are nourished at the shores of this river to produce the finest quality shea nuts. The nuts are then gathered by local women and minimally processed retain their nutrient load.

Nilotica Shea Butter is extremely rare, accounting for only 1% of all shea butter produced in the world and is considered the “luxury” shea butter since it is richer, creamier, and more difficult to obtain.  One of the qualities that sets this butter apart is it's high olein oil content, which makes it much softer and lighter in texture than its West African counterpart, and also more easily absorbed.  Some people also believe that East African Shea Butter contains a higher portion of shea butter’s healing qualities.  In 2010, results from a clinical test showed that Nilotica Shea Butter contains triterpenes, compounds that exhibit significant anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity.  It helps to reduce joint inflammation while improving circulation. 

Rich in phytonutrients and vitamins A & E, Nilotica shea butter restores skin's elasticity, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and alleviates many skin conditions such as eczema, minor cuts and burns, cracked heels, frostbite and itchiness caused by skin rash.  It also works extremely well on chapped lips, and our line of hand crafted lip balms has been known to heal severe chapping within 24 hours.  As mothers of children who have suffered from various extremes of eczema, we are thrilled to share this product with the world and hope that it will alleviate the suffering of those with skin conditions as well as help support local women’s collectives through Fair Trade in Uganda.  Our butter is 100% Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade and does not use any form of animal testing.